Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your sea moss come from?
Our sea moss is exclusively sourced from the clean waters of St. Lucia, where the water is protected from heavy boat traffic and fully inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture.

How should I take sea moss gel?
The most common and effective way to benefit from sea moss gel is daily consumption on a clean diet. Start with 1-2 tablespoons mixed into your favorite beverage, tea, or smoothie.

Sea moss gel also acts as a powerful skin treatment thanks to its anti-properties, sulfur content, and natural collagen. Topical application improves acne, wounds, rashes, and promotes anti-aging. Rub on your face or body as a skin mask, let it harden up, then rinse and moisturize (preferably with a calming oil like coconut or olive). You may also leave on wounds all day like a liquid bandaid.

Your options don't stop there! Feel free to share your sea moss gel with your pets. The nutrients are just as beneficial for them, and it's easy to disguise a spoonful in pet food.

No pets? Plant lovers can enhance their crops with one of the only natural sources of iodine, a mineral plants don’t easily get! For a mid-sized house plant, dissolve around 1 teaspoon of sea moss gel into every other watering cycle.

How long does sea moss gel last?
Our recommendation is to finish your jar within 6O days of opening. Unopened sea moss gel can last a few months when properly refrigerated. Sea moss gel is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and will never mold unless compromised by outside factors. The best way to judge your sea moss quality is a smell test. If it smells sour or has lost its texture while refrigerated, you can move on to a fresh jar.

Sea moss gel is safe to freeze for up to a year!

How do you make sea moss gel with the dry sea moss?
Making sea moss gel is simple! Wet your dry sea moss to allow it to start expanding. Adding fresh lime juice helps it loosen up. Remove any visual rocks or debris and rinse very well. Cover your clean sea moss with spring water and allow it to soak overnight at room temperature. Next, you just blend the soaked sea moss with the same soaking water, adding more fresh water if needed. You should reach a smooth gel-like texture, which will firm up more once you refrigerate! Never leave your sea moss soaking at room temperature more than 24 hours.

What is the difference between gold and purple sea moss?
Sea moss is a naturally occurring algae and can vary in size and color. All varieties of sea moss provide nutrients & minerals to a similar degree, but there are some differences in properties.
The golden color of our sea moss signifies it is fully matured and rich in biophotons (aka energy from the sun). Colored sea moss doesn’t get to absorb the sun energy but has strong antioxidants. This is a result of their location in the water and to the sun.

A bright purple or green color however, typically means the plant is premature, and hasn't reached its complete nutrient structure (resulting in low bioavailability and higher cost). As a result, these vibrant colored gel's tend to have a stronger flavor, similar to that of an unripe vegetable, without the full benefits of the plant.

That's why we consistently offer clean, alkaline, perfectly golden sea moss energized by the Caribbean sun.

Is sea moss safe for everyone?
Sea moss has been used safely on the entire family for ages. This also includes babies, pets, and plants. Proven to improve sexual health in both men and women, sea moss is also is a great pre and post natal supplement, providing high amounts of natural folate, omega fatty acids, and amino acids that support bone growth.

Disclaimer: You should always consult with your health care professional for any questions or concerns before taking any nutritional or herbal supplement, especially when pregnant or actively medicated.

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